I’ve been in love with Mexican food since the days I was riding my big wheel around the neighborhood block. When my parents would take my brothers and I out to a Mexican restaurant I would always order cheese enchiladas. At the time, I reacted to a plate of melted cheese in the same way a flock of seagulls reacted to an unsupervised bowl of chips on the beach.

As I grew older and my tastes changed, I became unsatisfied with eating enchiladas that were the same color as construction cones and had the texture of a hot dog bun that had been dunked in water by a professional food eater.

Although that was far too common, I still had a soft spot in my heart for enchiladas, and like an old friend; I would try to see if they could rekindle my past fond memories. I soon found out enchiladas could be something different and spectacular. They could be filled with slow-braised meats, sautéed vegetables, wrapped in handmade tortillas, covered in freshly grated Mexican cheeses, complimented with unique sauces, and topped with bright and flavorful garnishes.

My passion for enchiladas had reignited and I started to experience episodes that I later would term “zooking out”. Normal objects such as an airplane or a forearm cast would be replaced in my mind by an enchilada. I decided this probably wasn’t limited to my own experiences but many people’s passion for enchiladas had been tainted by past soggy nightmares. Gadzooks (an exclamation of surprise) was born. The word came from my roommate who would yell Gadzooks when he opened the refrigerator and saw his leftovers had been raided. At Gadzooks we want to be different from our competitors just like the enchiladas our company is built around. We hope our customers enjoy our product and help us in our continued quest to redefine the enchilada.

Aaron Pool - Founder